Welcome to
Karin & Jürg von Känel's
World of Wooden Puzzles

Jürg has been fascinated by wooden interlocking puzzles since his high school days. One of the first projects in the woodworking class was to build a six-piece burr using hand-tools. Today he has a garage full of powertools allowing him to tackle much more complex puzzle designs.

Karin is mostly intrigued by unique puzzle designs - the essence of the idea behind the puzzle. This fascination has lead her to design quite a number of puzzles, many of which we have used as exchange puzzles. In fact we currently work a system where we alternately select puzzles designed by Karin and Jürg as the exchange puzzle for the International Puzzle Party.

This site documents the puzzles we have designed and made ourselves as well as some puzzles from our collection which we just like very much. Where possible we have started adding solutions to the puzzles as well as plans and hints on how to make your own.